From Ang to Steel-Wood Composite Cantilever Beam - Modern Translation of Roof Overhangs in Structural Performance-Based Design

  • Philip F. YuanEmail author
  • Jinxi Jin
  • Li Han
Conference paper


Roof overhangs is one of the spatial elements of traditional Chinese architecture. This paper takes roof overhangs in Archi-Union Architect’s project of Shuixidong Linpan Culture Exhibition Center in Anren, Sichuang as an example and explores the modern translation of roof overhangs under structural performance-based design. In the traditional wood structure, ang in dougong is based on lever principle and can achieve balance of deep roof overhangs. The steel-wood cantilever beam in the project inherits the structural principle and takes steel beam as a lever to achieve deep roof overhangs and improve joint performance. Material optimization, section optimization and joint optimization of steel-wood cantilever beam are realized under digital design tools. Modern translation of traditional space elements based on the structural principle makes us think the changes the design thinking and design method under digital technology.


Structural Performance-based design Steel-wood composite cantilever beam Dougong Overturning moment Material optimization 


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