Urban Memory Accessor: Mechanical Design of Interactive Installation Based on Arduino

  • Wenhan FengEmail author
  • Yueyue Wang
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With the development of cities in China, the old cities usually need to be demolished and transformed, which leads to a lack of urban culture. The project proposes a solution to preserve the memory of the old city through interactions with the interactive installation - “Urban Memory Accessor”, thus continuing the urban context. With the drip glue craft, the installation will use UV resin glue to bond the traces of life left after the old city removed and convert it into craft products - “City Memory Cube” to deepen the public’s perception of urban memory. The installation is controlled by the Arduino microcontroller to implement the interactive process. Rhino and Grasshopper were used for interference detection and mechanical transmission simulation. What’s more, the power system scheme consisting of servos and rods was also used in this project. The installation was ultimately made of resin and acrylic sheets. It combined installation art with urban public spaces in order to save the old memories and improve urban space quality.


Interactive installation Installation art Mechanical design Arduino Urban memory 


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