Central European Journal of Operations Research

ISSN: 1435-246X (Print) 1613-9178 (Online)


The Central European Journal of Operations Research is the official journal of the Österreichische Gesellschaft für Operations Research. The journal offers high quality papers that cover the theory and practice of operations research and the relationship of operations research methods to modern quantitative economics and business administration. Each issue expands our understanding of managerial problems in complex systems and supports the decision-making process.

Among the key topics covered are finance and banking; productivity and efficiency in the public sector; environmental and energy issues; computational tools for strategic decision support; production management and logistics; and planning and scheduling.

This journal features theoretical papers as well as application-oriented contributions and practical case studies. Occasionally, special issues feature a particular area of investigation or a detailed report on the results of scientific meetings.

Officially cited as: Cent Eur J Oper Res

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