Review of Economics of the Household

ISSN: 1569-5239 (Print) 1573-7152 (Online)


The Review of Economics of the Household publishes empirical and theoretical research on the economic behavior and decision-making processes of single and multi-person households. The journal emphasizes economic analyses on the effects of policy instruments on household decisions, macroeconomic applications, and research on economic development. Not wedded to particular models nor methods, the journal fosters high quality research using a variety of approaches.

Household decisions analyzed in the journal include consumption, labor supply and other uses of time, household formation and dissolution, demand for health and other forms of human capital, fertility and investment in children’s human capital, demand for environmental and other public goods, migration, demand for religiosity, and decisions by agricultural households.

Articles on the history of economic thought and reviews of household economics are published in the Perspectives section.

Officially cited as: Rev Econ Household

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