Journal of Population Economics

International Research on the Economics of Population, Household, and Human Resources

ISSN: 0933-1433 (Print) 1432-1475 (Online)


The Journal of Population Economics is an international quarterly that publishes original theoretical and applied research in all areas of population economics.

Micro-level topics examine individual, household or family behavior, including household formation, marriage, divorce, fertility choices, education, labor supply, migration, health, risky behavior and aging. Macro-level investigations may address such issues as economic growth with exogenous or endogenous population evolution, population policy, savings and pensions, social security, housing, and health care.

The journal also features research into economic approaches to human biology, the relationship between population dynamics and public choice, and the impact of population on the distribution of income and wealth. Lastly, readers will find papers dealing with policy issues and development problems that are relevant to population issues.

The journal is published in collaboration with POP at UNU-MERIT, the Global Labor Organization (GLO) and the European Society for Population Economics (ESPE).

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Officially cited as: J Popul Econ

Journal Impact Factor 2018: 1.259
5-year Impact Factor: 2.072

Factor (RePEc): 13.962 (July 2019)
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