Soil Ecology Letters

ISSN: 2662-2289 (Print) 2662-2297 (Online)


Soil Ecology Letters (SEL) provides the rapid publication of original research articles of scientific significance that depict and explain ecological processes occurring in soil. Manuscripts concerning the ecology of all taxa and in any biome in the soil will be considered, and selected on the basis of their originality, common interest and contribution to the development of soil ecology. This journal focuses on the ecology and biogeochemical processes of soil organisms, their interactions with plants and their influences on soil functions, ecosystem services and environmental sustainability, as well as the development and applications of new technologies, theories and modeling of soil ecological processes. In addition to full-length research articles, the journal also publishes perspectives, which present novel essays for a wide audience; mini-reviews of contemporary studies, which highlight novel and significant hypotheses; and rapid reports on content meriting urgent coverage; as well as letters to the editor and commentaries on specific and controversial issues in soil ecology.

The scope of Soil Ecology Letters is extensive and includes all aspects of recent research in soil ecology. Focus topics include soil biodiversity, soil trophic interactions and food webs, the soil microbiome, soil-plant interactions, soil biogeochemical cycling, soil bioremediation and restoration, soil multi-functionality, response and adaptation of soil biota to environmental changes, and breakthrough technologies, novel theories and modeling of soil ecological processes.

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