Chylothorax and Other Pleural Effusions in Neonates

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Pleural effusion is a general term for the accumulation of fluid in the pleural space. Chylothorax results from the accumulation of lymphatic fluid within the pleural space and may occur spontaneously, traumatic, iatrogenic, or as malignant infiltration. Whether congenital or acquired, chylothorax frequently resolves with nonoperative measures aimed at optimizing ventilation and maintenance of nutrition. Surgical options such as pleuroperitoneal shunting, thoracic duct ligation, pleurodesis, pleurectomy, and intrapleural fibrin glue can be chosen for severe and persistent cases.


Congenital chylothorax Acquired chylothorax Pleural effusion Hydrothorax Hemothorax Empyema 



The author wishes to acknowledge the assistance of Aliza P. Cohen, MA, in the writing of this chapter.


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