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Andolfi, Maurizio

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Maurizio Andolfi, M.D. (1942).


Maurizio Andolfi is a world-renowned family therapist due to his remarkable scientific and methodological contribution to the contemporary family therapy. Over the last 45 years, he developed the Multigenerational Family Therapy, an experiential model of intervention that centers on creativity and humanity as the best way to build an alliance and work with a family in crisis. Andolfi has been published widely in English, Italian, and several other languages.


After graduating and specializing as child psychiatrist with Giovanni Bollea, in the early 1970s Andolfi moved to New York, where he stayed for a few years and where he established close professional relationships with the most important family therapists, such as Salvador Minuchin, Carl Whitaker, James Framo, and Murray Bowen. He learnt family therapy by personally observing master therapists at work and absorbing their skills and knowledge. Back in Italy, he was Professor in...

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