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Astrophysics: Dynamical Systems

  • George ContopoulosEmail author
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Definition of the Subject

Dynamical systems is a broad subject, where research has been very active in recent years. It deals with systems that change in time according to particular laws. Examples of such systems appear in astronomy and astrophysics, in cosmology, in various branches of physics and chemistry, and in all kinds of other applications, like meteorology, geodynamics, electronics, and biology. In this entry, we deal with the mathematical theory of dynamical systems from the point of view of dynamical astronomy. This theory is generic in the sense that its mathematics can be applied to diverse problems of physics and related sciences, ranging from elementary particles to cosmology.


The theory of dynamical systems has close relations with astronomy and astrophysics, in particular with dynamical astronomy. Dynamical astronomy followed two quite different traditions until the middle of the twentieth century, namely, celestial mechanics and statistical mechanics.



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