Biopsy Techniques for Tumors

  • Christopher B. WeldonEmail author
  • Megan E. Anderson
  • Robert C. Shamberger
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Proper biopsy of a tumor is at the core of its diagnosis and treatment. The histopathologic diagnosis will establish the prognosis and define the multimodality therapy required for a cure. Beyond establishing the diagnosis, a biopsy may also be required to confirm the presence of metastatic disease, to determine the response to treatment, and to document the presence of complications from treatment, especially suspicious lesions that may be infectious in nature which pose a significant risk to an immunocompromised patient. Proper performance of a biopsy is critical to the well-being of the child and to the proper diagnosis and treatment of the tumor. It must be guided by a professional trained for its performance who has the greatest knowledge regarding all aspects of its performance. These considerations will be outlined within this chapter, including various approaches to its performance and potential risks and complications from the procedure.


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