Chest Wall Tumors

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  • John A. Sandoval
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Pediatric chest wall tumors are rare. Malignancies predominate of which sarcomas are the most common. They usually present as a palpable chest wall mass and less often with pain or respiratory distress. Imaging is critical in their diagnostic work-up and may include a spectrum of modalities from radiography to PET/MR imaging. Initial treatment with chemotherapy, particularly for the malignant small round cell tumors and osteosarcoma, is frequently required and may facilitate resection by decreasing the size of the tumor as well as its vascularity and friability. Surgical resection is the mainstay of local treatment and may require extensive surgical resection and reconstruction with musculoskeletal flaps or non-resorbable prosthetic materials. Chest wall reconstruction is age, site, and pathology dependent, must preserve development.


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