Congenital Malformations of the Lung

  • Keith T. OldhamEmail author
  • Kathleen M. Dominguez
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Congenital lung malformations are uncommon but extraordinarily diverse in their presentation. Potential consequences may be life-threatening; therefore, an understanding of the diagnosis and treatment of these anomalies is important to all physicians and surgeons who care for infants and children. These lesions vary from asymptomatic to immediately life-threatening in nature and may present antenatally or well into adulthood. Lung development and anatomy are important fundamentals in the discussion of these malformations and aide in understanding the pathophysiology which occurs. The most common congenital malformations include congenital pulmonary airway malformations, pulmonary sequestrations, lobar emphysema, and bronchogenic cysts.


Congenital pulmonary airway malformations Congenital cystic adenomatoid malformations Congenital lobar emphysema Pulmonary sequestration Bronchogenic cyst 


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